Can any farmer apply for the scheme?
The current scheme is restricted to Maize and Soya farmers. Those with irrigation facilities will be prioritised.

  1. How can Input Suppliers wishing to provide inputs to the Scheme sign-up?
    All input providers wishing to provide inputs must be referred to CBZ Agro Yield for vetting and consideration.
  2. If I am a new participant, what do I need to be considered for contracting for the Summer 2020/21 Season?
    All new participants should register first with AGRITEX, their names will be sent to CBZ AY through the National Command Centre. All registered farmers will be invited via SMS for contract signing and on boarding into CBZAY system.
  3. If I have cleared the past Summer 2019/20 summer season, how do I process my new contract for Summer 2020/21?
    Farmers who have cleared their debt will be invited through SMS for contract signing and on boarding into CBZ AY system. These farmers will be contacted by their agronomists. Farmers who will not have received SMS notifications should enquire with CBZ AY Resident Agronomy Officers or alternatively contact their agronomists responsible with their province.
  4. If I have partially cleared my previous loan facilities, do I qualify for CBZ AY loans facilities?
    No, only farmers who will have cleared their past debts are considered for contracting and on boarding.
  5. If I want to clear my loan facilities and I have funds in a bank account other than CBZ account, what do I do ?
    Farmers should transfer funds direct to their CBZ AGROIND accounts, fill in and submit a loan repayment form at any nearest CBZ Bank Branch or alternatively scan to agroyieldcredit@cbz.co.zw or CBZ AY Whatsapp +2630717552101 for further processing and liquidation thereof.
  6. What do I do if I want my CBZ AY Statement?
    Farmers should approach their nearest CBZ Bank Branch, submit Farmer Name and ID, the request will be sent to CBZ AY for processing. All statement requests and query resolution should adhere to the 24hour turnaround time.
  7. If I did not receive all the inputs that were allocated in the previous season, and I want to roll over my debt to the current season, what do I do?
    Only farmers who will have cleared their past debts are considered for contracting and on boarding.
  8. Can Corporates apply?
    Corporates can apply as long as they also register with AGRITEX in their localities and also provide proof of access to land.