Agency banking is a business model that enables banks to provide financial services through nonbank Agents, such as retail outlets, post offices, pharmacies, service stations, Universities, colleges etc. This model allows banks to extend financial services and promote financial inclusion in areas where they do not have a formal bank branch.


  • Lower transaction and transport costs (closer to clients)
  • Longer opening hours (compared to banks)
  • Shorter queues than in bank branches
  • Bank at the customer’s door step
  • One-stop shop for banking and shopping by the client

What you need to apply

  • Agent Account (Account class RETAGB)
  • A Signed Contract between CBZ Bank and Agent
  • Satisfactory security (secure premises)
  • Human Resources – at least 2 per outlet
  • Pre-funding of Agency Banking Account with USD 1000.00 (funds generated from operations are to be recycled into this account as it becomes depleted. Account balance should never go below USD 100.00)