CBZ Agro Yield is excited to be participating once again in the Maize and Soya Summer Agricultural season for 2020/21. The Agricultural Summer Season for 2020/21 will be run in partnership with the Government of Zimbabwe.


Qualifying criteria and process flow

  1. All returning farmers will be contracted by CBZ Agro Yield after vetting from the National Command Centre. Only farmers who will have cleared their past Summer (2019/20) obligations will be invited for contracting through SMS after clearance with GMB and CBZ AY. The process is simplified as shown below:- Loan Clearing Contract Signing Inputs Voucher
  2. Farmers with an SMS invite will visit the branch for re-registration and on boarding into CBZ Agro Yield System (e-FIS).
  3. All new farmers approaching the branch for initial registration into the system i.e. those that did not participate in the past summer programme, should therefore be referred to their local AGRITEX office to make an application.
  4. The National Command Centre will process the new farmers and send consolidated lists to CBZ AY for contracting, these farmers will be contacted through SMS to alert them that they have been registered and ready for on-boarding and contracting thereof.
  5. All participating farmers will be expected to have an account with CBZ Bank for disbursement into the loan management system and Stop Order registration purposes. Normal KYC criteria will apply upon account opening. Only those farmers with cleared debts and signed debt clearance forms will be on-boarded.
  6. CBZ AY Resident Agronomy Officers (RAOs) and agents will process the initial data capturing, contracting and query management on all CBZ AY related matters. A total of 26 RAOs will be deployed at selected branches to assist farmers with contracting, statement generation and query management.
  7. Facility documentation to be processed at the branch through RAOs include Farmer contract, addendum confirming hectarage and input quantities, loan application form, and crop insurance form. The following documents are required as supporting documents upon facility processing: –
    • Completed CBZAY Facility application form
    • National ID
    • GMB clearance statement
    • CBZ AY Clearance certificate
    • Command Agriculture Contract (MLAWCRR)
    • Proof of residence
  8. Loan applications will thereafter be processed through CBZ Agro-Yield at their Head Office – 5th Floor, Beverley Court, Corner Nelson Mandela and Fourth Street, Harare.
  9. Branches are requested to send daily returns of all registered farmers for reconciliation and cross checking with National Command Centre.
  10. Successful farmers will receive input vouchers within 48 hours notifying them of their allocated inputs and where to collect.
  11. The secured e-voucher system which will then generate a voucher and a voucher number for redemption at the farmers nearest GMB depot or assigned agents for the input suppliers.
  12. The e-voucher and the voucher number is sent via registered cell-phone number in the contract. Only the owners of the registered numbers will be able to redeem the vouchers.
  13. The input suppliers and services providers will be listed on the e-voucher system with their specific input items schedules e.g. a seed company will have a schedule on the e voucher system specifically to redeem seed requirements.
  14. Input suppliers will be housed at listed GMB depots, or at input agencies, where redemption is done using the voucher number.
  15. For all Summer 2020/21 Cropping Season Farmer contracting branches should contact the following Agronomists and Monitoring and Evaluation Team for assistance: –
Agronomists Team Portfolio Contact
Stanely Chiremba Mashonaland West 0773965849
Richard Baipai Mashonaland Central 0774132319
Liberty Mashura Manicaland, Matebeland, PEP 0773650650
Frankstone Zharare Mashonaland East 0712203559
Arthur Pfunye Midlands and Masvingo 0777037451
Blessing Mugona Inputs Distribution and Logistics queries 0775228335
Rumbidzai Muzwidziwa Inputs/e-voucher Redemptions 0775228335
Joseph Gavaza Fuel – Diesel queries 0775557060/0731007502
Monitoring and Evaluation Province Contact
Assured Busangapanye Mashonaland East 0772474772 /0712714781
Tapiwa Tagwireyi Mashonaland West 0773898594
George Chisveto Mashonaland West 0773052817
Levi Mabonga Mashonaland Central 0783452211
Kumbirai Chamboko Mashonaland Central 0773844267
Trust Tizirai Manicaland 0783452183
Tawanda Kagande Mat North/South 0773578694
Tarumbidzwa Chihwai Midlands 0772750768
Yannick Tafataona Masvingo 0712160375
Thabani Magama Head Office M & E Support 0773588806

Statement requests and Loan Liquidations of past CBZ AY Loans.

Farmers who approach Branches for statement requests and liquidation of past Summer and Wheatseasons CBZ AY loans, retail branches are advised to follow the following procedure:

  1. All statement requests should be directed to agroyieldcredit@cbz.co.zwcbzagroyieldhelpdesk@cbz.co.zw alternatively for all wheat statements branches can log on into generate statements and give the farmers or email.
  2. CBZ AY will respond to all queries and statement requests within 24hours turnaround time and CBZ AY will put all statements for farmers in the shared folder\\GIT-SPMSVR 01\CbzAgroYields. Selected branch staff members and CBZ AY RAOs will have access to the shared folder.
  3. All liquidations requests should be sent to agroyieldcredit@cbz.co.zw copied to ttevera@cbz.co.zw and kgotora@cbz.co.zw. All liquidations should go through CBZ AGROIND individual farmer accounts, where farmer accounts are dormant, branches are encouraged to activate farmer accounts as per dormant account activation policy and procedure and assist farmers in depositing the funds and liquidation of the loans facilities.
  4. Farmers should fill in the CBZ AY liquidation form and branches scan the liquidation form to CBZ AY for further processing. All liquidations will be processed by CBZ AY using the existing procedures through centralised operations within 24hours turnaround time.
  5. For all statements queries, Liquidations and Debt clearance requests, branches should contact the following CBZ AY
    Credit Team for assistance:-
Responsible Person Nature of Query Contact
Linda Garabwa Summer Statements and query resolution 0772335180
Talent Muchena Summer Statements and query resolution 0777035547
Cynthia Chimedza Wheat statements and query resolution 0714116809
Tendai Tevera Liquidations, Farmer payments and Credit Clearances 0715895674
CBZ AY Whatsapp All queries 0717552101