As an individual, you have unique financial needs. That’s why you need professionals to provide you with personalised fiduciary advice for the structuring of your estate.

An estate plan can enhance and maintain your financial security. Through a comprehensive estate plan, you will be able to structure the distribution of your assets to selected people at a time you choose, taking into account administration costs, transfer fees and related taxes.

We help preserve the dreams of one generation and advance those of the next.


  • Will Drafting – we provide a professional wills drafting service which guarantees that upon death, your wishes are carried out efficiently and legally. A properly drafted will ensure that possessions of monetary and sentimental value are properly protected and distributed. A will allows you to nominate a trusted executor, appoint heirs of your choice and even nominate guardians for your minor children. Ultimately, a will is the cornerstone of any estate plan.
  • Trust Formation – A trust is one of the most secure ways to protect your assets and ensure that your wealth is preserved for generations, providing continuity of financial support and protection for your loved ones. we assist with Trust formation and registration- advice and assistance in drawing up trust deeds, lodging trust deeds and transfer of property in order to protect your assets and dependants. Our products are tailor-made to generate value for you and the generations to follow. Our solutions include:
    • Testamentary trust – established on death and works to protect the interests of minors and other dependents who are not able to look after their own financial affairs.
    • Inter vivos trust – this is created during your lifetime and is designed to provide protection of the family wealth over generations”

What you need to apply

  • Fully completed Will Application Form
  • Fully completed Trust Formation Form