CBZ Funeral Cash Plan, the 5 in 1 power pack is a cover which gives cash pay-outs from ZWL$5000 to ZWL$100,000. The Main Funeral Cash benefit ensures that you get payouts from any CBZ Bank Branch should you lose your loved one who is covered under the Policy. Your beneficiary also gets an immediate lump sum payment in the event of your death. You can cover your immediate family and extended family members.


  • Main funeral benefit is up to ZWL$100,000
  • Personal Accident Cash – Additional ZWL$30, 000 paid out for accidental death
  • Groceries Cash – Over and above a lump sum payment made at a Funeral, the bereaved families also get groceries benefit of up to ZWL$100,000
  • School Fees Cash – Up to ZWL$100,000 school fees paid directly to your child(ren)’s school(s)
  • Tombstone benefits of up to ZWL$30,000
  • High Quality Service – Claims paid out in cash from any CBZ Bank Branch nationwide


  • Immediate pay-outs
  • Payouts accessible in any CBZ Bank branch nationwide
  • High pay-outs of up to ZWL$100,000
  • Loaded with School fees cash plan, grocery benefit and personal accident