As part of our vision “To be the preferred provider of Financial Solutions in Zimbabwe with a Global reach, we’ve moved mountains with CBZ Touch that has brought convenience to everyday banking, MiLife Combo which has made life assurance more accessible to the average individual and Smartsurance an innovation that has made paying insurance a lot simpler. CBZ Life is excited to bring you the next big thing in Retirement Planning and Life Assurance.

CBZ life has been providing life solutions to cover all the other stages of the Human Life Cycle. Our Mi-Life combo is a ground breaking product which caters to most of the stages should a bread winner die i.e. school fees, groceries for a time as well as funeral expenses including tombstone.

We have extended our retirement savings products to you our valuable clientele and beyond. Our experience in the financial services sector provides us with a platform to offer retirement planning products that are unique but relevant to the market. We are also offering products that are innovative in conjunction with other CBZ Holdings group companies which should ensure value for money alternatives on the market.

The size of the CBZ Holdings balance sheet should not only ensure security of pension scheme assets but also higher yields as we leverage on investments in property, infrastructure and other assets that is already on going within the group.

The CBZ brand is associated with high quality service. The same standards will apply and we will utilise our wide branch network guarantee that service is provided literally right on your doorstep. The days of pensioners travelling to Harare every month end are gone, thanks to CBZ Life’s entry into the market.

Our exciting offers include:

  • Group Pension Products
  • Preservation Funds
  • Smoothed Bonus Investments
  • Annuities
  • Group Benefits such as Group Life Assurance, Group Funeral Benefits, Group Chronic Illness and Disability Benefits

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