People are often scared of change, but if we do not adapt to what is happening around us, we will lose market share. We need to change the culture of the institution, embrace digitisation and give people the opportunity to develop their skills. We have to be flexible, nimble and willing to change. We need to become the disruptors, reward performance, and deliver for our customers as we continue to grow our businesses – CBZ Holdings Chairman, Mr. Marc Holtzman

Decoding The New Brand Identity

  1. The new CBZ Holdings Limited logo has been refreshed by transforming the rectangular shape and the 3D red and orange button into a timeless solid red circle.
  2. The circle symbolises unity, wholeness and infinity. In this case, it speaks to CBZ’s ability to protect and grow clients’ wealth through the continued provision of innovative products.
  3. The bold font on the acronym CBZ denotes confidence and strength. It is rendered in a lowercase sans serif font – a modern and elegant font – that conveys simplicity and approachability.
  4. In the new visual identity, the red and blue colours were maintained to uphold the Group’s solid heritage of financial excellence.

Strengthening Partnerships

Our purpose is to partner with you to live the life you want today and plan for the life you want tomorrow, through innovative financial solutions.

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